Recipe: Papaya

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya


I like this dessert very much, and it has a thick egg-milk fragrance during the production process.



  1. After the low powder is sifted, add 75 grams of milk and stir into a uniform batter.

  2. Add two grams of yolk to 15 grams of sugar and the remaining 50 grams of milk, stir into a uniform egg yolk

  3. Mix 1 and 2 evenly, and finally add the melted butter and mix well. Screen again

  4. Heat the pan, do not put oil, pour the batter slowly, shake the pan and evenly spread the batter. Fry into a flat cake

  5. Add the cream, cut the papaya, add the cream and add the cream and papaya to the cube.

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