Recipe: Panda bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Panda bean cake


Whole grains are the basis of daily diet. People eat legumes every day, not only can get more nutritious nutrition, but also can stay away from the disease, and is becoming a new healthy food on the table.



  1. Panda bean soak for 6 hours

  2. Put in the pot and cook until the bean skin cracks

  3. Into the bowl, add sugar osmanthus and mix well

  4. Mix corn flour, flour, and sugar together

  5. Wash yeast and water into the mixed powder and mix well

  6. Add the panda beans and mix well, put them in a mold that has been smeared with oil.

  7. Cover with a damp cloth and send it to double height. Steam in the pan for 20 minutes and rub for 5 minutes. After cooling, turn it down and cut it.


1, the thickness of the batter can be adjusted according to their own taste and wet taste 2, no low gluten can be replaced with ordinary flour, corn flour can also be replaced by millet flour, black rice flour, oat flour, buckwheat flour, etc. 3, corn flour is not corn starch, this is two things

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