Recipe: Pancake Strawberry Cream Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pancake Strawberry Cream Cake


A creamy dessert that brings a spring scent. Just fry the muffins pancakes, do not use the oven, pan pancakes, pancakes, whipped cream, strawberries, you can be beautiful ~~~



  1. Eggs 2 Honey 15 g Salad oil 15 g Milk 60 g Low-gluten flour 100 g Aluminum-free baking powder 3 g Fine sugar 20-40 g As you like

  2. Pancake batter is the practice of Chuan's previous recipe book, egg method - egg yolk mixed with honey, salad oil and evenly mixed - milk added to the egg yolk to mix evenly - add low-gluten flour and baking powder to mix evenly - protein plus sugar to become a protein cream - The meringue is finally mixed with the egg yolk paste, and the scraper is evenly stirred at the bottom.

  3. The process of pancakes: dig a spoonful of round, simmer into the flat bottom without a saucepan, a small fire, wait until the surface of the batter pops out a small hole, each pot has a thickness of 30 seconds, some 50 seconds, condense bubbles to turn over Repeat the action for more than 30 seconds and repeat the cake once cooked.

  4. Send 200 grams of light cream, add 20-40 grams of sugar powder. Dry the pancake until it is cool to wipe the cream.

  5. Wash the strawberries, dry them with kitchen paper, slice, combine, and put the cream on the strawberries. Decorative mint leaves, sprinkled with powdered sugar


Similar to the idea of ​​a nude cake, pancake can also form a beautiful spring-like dessert.

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