Recipe: Pancake/hot cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pancake/hot cake


This is the same as the previous hot lunch cake of McDonald's~ but I don't know why it was off the shelf, so I was very sad with my little friends. Later I found it not difficult to do it myself. After several failures, I accumulated experience and finally succeeded. ~(≧▽≦)/~ I saw everyone's work, which generally reflects that the amount of this recipe is a bit large, and it is enough for 5-6 people to eat. So if you try it yourself, you can reduce the formula proportionally. Please believe me! When you fry the pan, you really don't need to add a drop of oil!!!!! (The premise is to not stick the pan) Add the oil color and start to change! The taste is hardened! It became a stall!!!! There is no difference between the three-dollar cake on the street! The hot cake is made to have a soft taste like a cake! This is his magic. Don't add any more oil! _(:з"∠)_ Recently, everyone seems to think that the flour is a little thicker! I don't know if it is halved! In short, I don't like hard, I can put a little flour. A little more popular. Put it is to take that kind of teacup, that is, the kind that one hand can hold, put two spoons and a half! Because my measuring cup is 10 0g weight so I added two spoons and a half each time



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Pay attention to the points (the essence is actually the reason for the failure before the summary - -!! 1. When mixing egg whites, there should be no water or egg yolk in the bowl. There should be no water on the egg beater. It must be wiped clean or it won't be able to stir up. (Before the hands are sour, they can't get up. This is the reason why there is wood QAQ.) 2. Do not put oil when frying, don't take it for granted that you should put oil on it, not at all, and there is already butter in our batter~ So you can get a brownish color~ 3. Use a pan to fry the flat effect! 4. Use a small fire to fry, enough heat to fry the yellow 5. After the batter is finished, wait for a while, and then continue to turn over after the bottom molding, in order to better shape.

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