Recipe: Pancake (Home Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pancake (Home Edition)



  1. Pour the high-gluten flour into the pot, add a little salt in turn, soak the powder, stir the yeast evenly, add warm water and dough into it, and put it aside for five minutes.

  2. Sprinkle a little flour on the panel, knead the dough into a one-centimeter thick piece, cut the pieces into pieces one by one, and then apply all the oil.

  3. The oiled noodles are rolled up, a little long and then cut into sections. Pick up a piece of noodles and simmer in both directions until the noodles become thinner and roll in two directions and overlap.

  4. Cook the cake for a few minutes, put a little oil in the cake, put it into the cake, and bake it on both sides until golden brown.

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