Recipe: Pancake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pancake


In fact, there are a lot of pancakes in the kitchen, because I forgot to follow which recipes, I have long remembered the recipes in the book, so I am too lazy to find, simply open a new recipe, I am embarrassed, repeated release, wasting resources Give a little apology to Xiaobian



  1. Add salt and baking powder to low powder and sieve for use

  2. Beat the eggs, pour the honey into the flour that has been sieved in step one, and mix well.

  3. Stir until there is no obvious granules (this step is to test the patience, patience), add milk and olive oil (the milk is poured in several times, preferably while pouring, while stirring the batter)

  4. Leave the batter in the previous step for 20 minutes and wake up for use.

  5. Hot pan, small fire, oil heat to 4-5 heat, if the pan at home is relatively new, the non-stick effect is better, this step can be used without pouring oil,

  6. The last decoration work, what do you want to do with up, you, powdered sugar, honey, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, if you have a cockroach at home, why?


Note: 1. The third step of stirring the batter is actually the most troublesome. It is recommended to use a silicone shovel to crush the flour. 2. In the last step, after battering with a spoon, pour slowly into the center of the pot, let the batter naturally smudge in a circular shape. Do not use any tools to pry the batter. Don't handcuff, haha, and then emphasize One point, it’s best not to add a small fire, but your pot should be guaranteed to be non-stick.

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