Recipe: Pan version of honey sauce pork roast

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan version of honey sauce pork roast


There is no induction cooker in the house, there is an oven, and I am a foodie. Her husband is very picky. He wants to eat it. This barbecued pork is once eaten outside and feels like he can give it back home.



  1. Wash the whole meat into a pot with marinated soup and onion ginger, add the salt, cook until the chopsticks can be inserted without difficulty, and remove the water for use.

  2. Water, soy sauce, honey (white sugar) juice is adjusted, it is recommended to use honey

  3. Put the pot on the stove, pour the oil into the cooking oil and heat it. Add the cooked meat to the medium and fry until both sides have a hard and hard feeling. Add the adjusted juice to the pot for about 4 times. Juice is best. If you like the last juice, you can adjust the juice and not finish it.

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