Recipe: Pan of Chocolate Almond Cookies (Gummy Rice Noodles)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan of Chocolate Almond Cookies (Gummy Rice Noodles)


It’s delicious, really, great. The original recipe is here, I adjusted it when I was doing it. Https:// Sticky rice flour is the powder grounded by rice. I use the three-image brand. It is generally useful to make snowy moon cakes, not glutinous rice flour! Sticky rice flour is the one with the lowest gluten. The method of improving the crispy taste of biscuits is as follows: one is to increase the amount of butter, but the heat is too high and the butter used in my house is really too fast, the two are The whole egg is replaced with egg yolk (example is Margarita biscuit, crispy to no friends), the three methods are to replace low-gluten flour with high-gluten flour and corn starch. This method is what I heard from others and I have not practiced it. . Then, since I made this biscuit, I thought it would be necessary to put a certain amount of sticky rice flour in the low-gluten flour, which can also make the crispy UPUP!



  1. Butter is softened at room temperature, add white sugar, stir well with salt, add lemon juice, and send it manually.

  2. Low-powder, sticky rice flour, cocoa powder sifted, added to butter, then added egg liquid, stir evenly with a spatula

  3. Pour in the almond slices, put them into a dough by hand, put them in a fresh-keeping bag, and arrange the strips

  4. Put it in the freezer and freeze for an hour (this step is entirely for the sake of cutting the biscuits, so it doesn't matter if it freezes for a long time)

  5. Cut into thin slices, 4 to 5 mm, with the children's shoes in the oven, the pieces can be cut thick, and the pan must be cut thinly and practiced by the knife! But don't be too thin, otherwise it's just crispy. The pan is definitely thin. I used a pan to make seven or eight pots of biscuits. I realized this truth. I am so stupid...

  6. The pan is slowly roasted and then turned over. For the oven, refer to the original square 170 degree middle layer for 18-20 minutes.

  7. After the biscuits are baked hard, the tiles are placed in a microwave oven for 50 seconds. The biscuits will also have a lot of oil bubbles, and then they will be poured onto the shelf to cool. Really delicious!


Cut the biscuit and grind out a big blisters under my index finger. I will just say it casually... I am very skilled in the knife, as thick as possible but the pan is good because you are turning around and you are thin. focal.

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