Recipe: Pan honey sauce pork roast

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan honey sauce pork roast


It is more than the taste of the barbecue! Delicious to fly ~~



  1. Wash the tenderloin and dry it

  2. Cut into a block with a width of about 3cm, put it into the crisper, and use a toothpick to evenly puncture some small holes on the meat for easy taste.

  3. Barbecued pork sauce: soy sauce + red square + sugar + spiced powder + garlic + cooking wine + fuel consumption + bean curd into the bowl, mix evenly

  4. Pour the teriyaki sauce into the crisper, so that the meat is completely covered. Place the onion + ginger on top, cover, seal, and refrigerate at 4 ° C for 36~48h.

  5. Heat the pan with oil and add the marinated meat. During the period, use chopsticks to turn the meat and try to make the color of each side of the meat.

  6. Pour the juice of the cured meat pieces (onion + ginger has been picked out), boil the fire, cover, and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes. During the period, the meat pieces should be continuously turned and colored, and if the juice is insufficient, add water to prevent the paste from boiling.

  7. Poke the meat with chopsticks. If it can be easily penetrated, it will be cooked. At this time, adjust the ratio of honey: water = 1:1, pour into the pot and mix well, do not cover the lid, adjust to a large fire and slowly take the soup, until the soup is somewhat sticky, turn the meat pieces over, Turn off the honey on each side with glaze (glazing).

  8. Remove the meat and put it on the chopping board and let it cool for 10 minutes, then slice it, set the plate, and sprinkle a little white sesame on the surface.

  9. afraid

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