Recipe: Pan-fried zucchini

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried zucchini


This is the home cooking dish with the highest appearance rate in Korean drama. It is simple, simple, light and healthy. The zucchini is rich in vitamin C and glucose and other nutrients, and it has sufficient water, regular food and moisturizing skin.



  1. The zucchini is peeled and cut into round pieces of about 0.5cm, and evenly sprinkled with pepper salt;

  2. Eggs are scattered, and the zucchini slices are sautéed in flour and placed in a frying pan until they are golden on both sides. If you need to embellish, you can use green, red pepper or coriander leaves, put it in front of the flip.


For the sake of food safety, I will choose to peel the fruits and vegetables that can be peeled; if you are not used to peeling, you can do it. Salt is used to increase the taste, but it does not need to be marinated in advance. The zucchini is easy to get out of the salt. The zucchini does not eat oil. Just a little oil can be used. The Korean way is to eat the sauce. I use the sweet sauce. Add cooked sesame seeds.

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