Recipe: Pan-fried taro cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried taro cake



  1. Peanuts are soaked in warm water for 1 hour in advance, the shrimps are washed clean, the sausages are diced, and the onions are cut flowers.

  2. Taro diced

  3. Sticky rice flour into a large bowl

  4. Add water to stir the slurry (add water to add a little bit, if the slurry is too thin, it is difficult to form)

  5. Hot oil pan, sautéed with scallion and sautéed with shrimp

  6. Add the sausage and fry until the sausage becomes transparent

  7. Adding steamed bread

  8. Stir-fry until the taro pan, season with salt (salt amount of salt, because sausage and shrimp have salty taste)

  9. Turn a small fire, pour the slurry into the pot, stir the slurry and the material evenly

  10. Shovel all the material into a large dish that has been oiled

  11. After the water in the pot is opened, put it in the fire for 20 minutes. After the fire is turned off, sprinkle with chopped green onion for 5 minutes, insert it with a toothpick, and pull it out very dry. It proves that it is cooked, otherwise it should continue to steam until cooked.

  12. After you let it cool, you can eat it.


1: You can mix and match materials in the ingredients, you can put mushrooms, pork, horseshoes, etc., but I think bacon or sausage smell; 2: Ingredients, you can not fry, mix directly with the slurry to steam, but the taste is better; 3: The dish used for steamed taro cake is as deep as possible, and the cake is steamed thick, so that it is easy to slice when cut. I couldn't find a suitable dish this time, I used an oversized copper plate, and the material was not enough, so the taro cake was thin and not easy to slice. 5, you can cook the steamed bread, pressed into a mixture of mud and slurry, but I prefer the taste of the steamed bread. 6, steamed bread can be replaced with radish, shredded radish, the same method can be steamed into carrot cake, is also very delicious.

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