Recipe: Pan-fried steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried steak



  1. Cut the beef into large pieces of about 6 mm. Be careful not to cut along the texture of the meat. Cut off the white fascia around it. The white ribs in the middle of the meat should be cut a few times. If it is not fried, the meat will roll. Shrink deformation. The surface of the meat can be loosened with loose meat. It can be used without a knife back or with a toothpick. If I don’t have anything, I use a knife to make a few knives on the meat.

  2. Mix with black pepper powder soy sauce, then cut into two pieces of onion and garlic and mix in the refrigerator for two hours. At this time, you don't need to put salt. Otherwise, the meat is hard and you can put salt before frying.

  3. Put the butter on the pan, use the salad oil without butter, and heat the pot with a big fire. This will lock the water in the beef quickly, then change it to a small fire and fry it to your liking.

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