Recipe: Pan-fried squid, one of the two squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried squid, one of the two squid


The squid turned out to be very cheap. Half a fish in the supermarket (that is, a whole piece) as long as ten dollars............................ The meat is tight and thin. Too much power



  1. Squid with salt, salt seasoning for half an hour

  2. Yellow peppers go to the ribs, and the green beans are boiled in water, and the water should be salted. Cook the green beans, but don't cook them. Take it out, put it in cold water or ice water or drain it. Don't put it in hot water.

  3. Heat the oil pan, put the olive oil, and put it in the garlic. Just how much you use. I like garlic very much, so I will put a lot. Slightly browned. Put the fish, the fire is a little smaller

  4. Wait until the two sides are slightly browned. That's it.rJust mix the classic black vinegar before the vegetable dish.

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