Recipe: Pan-fried squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried squid


The squid is not only as famous as its name, but also white and delicate. The touch is also as smooth and smooth as snow. Its taste is not as fragrant as other fish, but it is faint, if not. It's not so easy to make it right, and to make its light fish taste. After pickling with a pinch of salt, mix a spoonful of olive oil, a small piece of butter, and slowly simmer and sauté. When it is yellowish, sprinkle some black pepper, garnish with scallions, and then order some olive oil. The abrupt taste of this soft and delicate squid.



  1. Mix the butter with the olive oil and place the salted salt for 1 hour.

  2. Add black pepper, green onion and serve on a plate. Then drop a few lemon juices.

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