Recipe: Pan-fried spring fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried spring fish


The springy fleshy, crispy skin of the spring fish, and its delicate and full of caviar, make many people like the spring fish. The taste of the spring fish is the best, but the oil is fried. Blowing often makes the caviar burst out, it is very scary, so choose a simpler method of eating and eating more healthy, the taste is not the same oh ~~~



  1. Remove the fresh spring fish from the fish intestines, clean it, drain the water, sprinkle with salt, a little high-alcohol, pepper noodles, and marinate for one hour.

  2. After marinating, control the moisture, sprinkle with dry flour, and mix gently.

  3. Put the electric baking pan (or pan) into the vegetable oil and heat it. Add the spring fish and fry until the golden noodles are on both sides.

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