Recipe: Pan-fried sea bass

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried sea bass


I remember the first time I tried to fry fish. I was in a hurry and used a lot of oil. The fish was scattered, and the fish bones were basically separated from the fish. It can be described as horrible. Since then, I have vowed not to fry fish. Of course, it is time for "small and frivolous people to live alone."  Now that the fried fish is still full of lingering fears, it has been successful after many attempts. I dare not say that I am already handy, but I should still be able to see it. If you are interested, you can try sea bream.



  1. Sea bream is washed and cut into pieces, each piece is about 3-5 cm thick, and marinated for 10 minutes with cooking wine;

  2. Ginger shredded;

  3. After the fire is hot, pour the oil, stir the ginger and sauté the savory. Put the marinated fish pieces into the pot one by one, and cook in a medium heat until the two sides are golden, then pour two tablespoons along the pot. ;

  4. Change the fire, turn the fish block over and make sure that both sides are soaked in soy sauce and turn off the fire.


The fish bones of sea bream are relatively hard. If you are worried that your knife can't be controlled, you can ask the store to help you when you buy fish. The salted fish fillet will have moisture. You can use a ginger slice to wipe the pan while burning the wok. This will reduce the degree of oil splash when the fish fills the pan.

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