Recipe: Pan-fried scallop with green papaya salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried scallop with green papaya salad


The appetizer of Western food combined with Thai style made by the whim is delicious and delicious!



  1. Marinate scallops with black pepper and salt

  2. While marinating the scallops, prepare the sauce of the green papaya salad: chop the garlic, chop the millet pepper, chop the basil leaves into a small bowl, add 2 teaspoons of fish sauce, a spoonful of sugar, mix well and squeeze in Lime juice, spare.

  3. The green papaya is peeled and cut into thin filaments and immersed in ice water for use.

  4. Put the cowpea into boiling water, add it to the bean sprouts for a minute, remove it, and soak it in ice water for use.

  5. Put the hot oil in the pan and put the scallops clockwise into the pot. After frying until golden, turn them one by one in order. After frying, shake the bottom of the pan slightly and let the pan out.

  6. Remove the green papaya silk, bean sprouts, and kidney beans from the ice water, pour in the sauce and mix well.

  7. Put the green papaya salad and scallops on the plate, and cut the small petals on the scallop meat.

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