Recipe: Pan-fried sausage rice ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried sausage rice ball


The little melons and the brokers have eaten this rice ball. They said that they are very delicious and very porridge~~~~~~~ Good things to share with everyone~~~ fragrant sausage rice balls (I really can't think of any creative names, just use this)



  1. Put the steamed rice in a small bowl and squeeze it with a spoon until the rice is sticky.

  2. Cut the sausage into small diced, the color pepper is also cut into small diced (Ding can not be too big, must be smaller)

  3. Put the chopped sausage and the colored pepper into the rice. If you can't mix it with chopsticks, bring a disposable glove and grab it with your hands.

  4. Put a little water on the glove, put the live rice into a rice ball by hand, then press it slightly with the palm of your hand, press it flat, put it on one side.

  5. Put a little oil on the flat pot, put the cooked rice balls in the pot, and fry the golden sides on both sides.

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