Recipe: Pan-fried saury

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried saury


More delicate than tenderness - this fragrant saury does not require complicated cooking, heavy seasoning, but the taste is very sweet. It's hard to imagine that under the slightly crispy shell, the fish at the entrance is delicate, tender and juicy, with an endless aftertaste, and the smell of the fragrance between the lips and cheeks. The origin of the name of the saury may be due to its slender body. The most famous name is quite hard, but the meat is surprisingly delicate, like a petal without a shackle. In this season, there is also a kind of fish that looks like it. It is a squid food. The squid eats a more compact shape. The unripe flesh is as delicate and sweet. It always makes people think and think. Every season, in the days when nature gives us the wealth on the table, enjoy the food, perhaps the best compliment to her, and quickly start DIY this soft and delicate fried saury!



  1. Hot pot of hot oil, fragrant ginger and minced garlic, put into a clean saury

  2. After 5 minutes of simmering, turn over one side

  3. Finally, add a small fire for 5 minutes, season with salt.

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