Recipe: Pan-fried salmon with white asparagus salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried salmon with white asparagus salad


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  1. The salmon is cut into a circular shape with a styling ring. Black pepper and salted for 10 minutes. Fry in olive oil, pay attention to the changes in the side of the fish, when cooked to the top and some of the color of the raw meat, quickly turn over, after a few seconds from the pot. In doing so, the side that was initially fried is brown and crispy, while the fish core still has a vague raw meat state, and the fish juice is preserved as much as possible.

  2. Processing of vegetables, yellow zucchini cut into thin slices, slowly fry with olive oil, absorb oil, salt

  3. Brussels olives add salt to the boiling water, eat oil a little, cook for 2 minutes, peel off the outer coat, use the leaves inside, soak the ice water, as a container for the eggs of salmon

  4. White asparagus is fried with olives, and the two color cauliflowers are cooked in salt water and sliced. Black olives cut into a ring, cress leaves and apple blossoms are ready. Passionate fruit cut in half, dig out the flesh inside, spare

  5. Assembly is actually very casual. The basic concept is that the white asparagus is bottomed with salmon on top. Then decorate the prepared vegetables around. At this time, there is no hard and stipulated how to place it, to see personal preferences.


When frying fish, be sure to pay attention to the heat. After frying, this dish can't be said to be successful. As for the side dishes, you can decide according to your preferences and purchasing power, as well as local production.

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