Recipe: Pan-fried salmon skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried salmon skin


My wife and I both like the grilled salmon skin in the sushi restaurant, but I tried several times without success. This time the approach is finally close...



  1. Wash the salmon skin, do not scrape the scales, cut directly into large pieces. As long as you can put it in the pan, don't cut it too small.

  2. Add salt, black pepper powder, comprehensive spices, a small amount of olive oil, grab and mix, marinate for about 15 minutes.

  3. Pan hot pot, add a little olive oil, you can wipe the bottom of the pot.

  4. Place the scaled side of the salmon skin up in the pan and fry for a while.

  5. See that the edges are a little curled, start to harden, shake the pot gently, and the fish skin can slide in the pot. After confirming that it has been finalized, carefully turn over the surface with a shovel and let the scales down.

  6. Try not to turn over during the frying process, keep the fire or small fire, fry until the scales of the fish become yellow, the shape of the fish skin is relatively stable, cool the pan, and cut the small pieces according to your preference.


Do not scratch the scales, and the scales will be brittle. When you just put the pot, be sure to face the scales, otherwise it will roll up. The fish skin will produce a lot of oil, don't worry about the oil is not enough, and from time to time in the process of anti-fried, you should shovel the fish skin and pour the oil. Both olive oil and salmon oil are afraid of overheating. Overheating is not only bad, but also unhealthy. Fear of frying can be a small fire, it is too time. Spices are not fixed, you can also add some chili according to your preference, but be sure to put enough. Because salmon skin is a more fatty and fragrant ingredient, the lack of spices and salt will make it look greasy. You don't have to fry until it's hard to get out of the pan. After the pot is cool for a while, the fish skin will be more brittle than in the pan. This is not a very good practice, I hope to do less oil and dry, is researching...

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