Recipe: Pan-fried salmon rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried salmon rice bowl


A quick hand dish, the freshness of the salmon steak and the sweetness of the sauce, delicious and delicious. Mom said, eat more fish and brain smart...., it seems that I am eating less.



  1. The salmon ribs are bought back, the fish skin is removed, and the kitchen paper is used to dry the water.

  2. Sauce: Ginger, basil, cooking wine, soy sauce, a little sesame oil, chili powder, a little pepper, soy sauce two tablespoons. Add half a bowl of water after mixing

  3. Fried fish: hot pot cold oil, small fire fried fish, just like this

  4. 30 seconds per side, fry like this, beautiful golden yellow

  5. Pour the sauce and place the ginger and basil leaves on the fish.

  6. Use a small spoon to pour the sauce to the fish.

  7. Remove the ginger and what it is, put it on the plate, and sprinkle with pepper and white sesame. Get it


How to judge the freshness of the salmon, it depends on the white stripes of the salmon. If the color is very dark like brown, the fish is not fresh.

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