Recipe: Pan-fried red fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried red fish


As a coastal area, people don’t know the names of various fish~唉~惭愧呀~ This kind of fish~ we are called 'red fish' here. A very delicious fish~ just need to put it on the frying and you can eat it~ It's very convenient~ Use the simplest cooking method to cook the most original and sweetest taste of the food~ Haha~ It’s a bit exaggerated~ but~ Really very good~ Especially for our kind of food that loves salted fish~



  1. The red fish that you bought back to the liver, cleaned and then sprinkle the right amount of salt~ put it in the refrigerator~ When you need to eat it, take it out and thaw it~ Hot pot oil~ The red fish is cleaned and put in the code~ Add a proper amount after heating for a while The boiling water~ cover the lid~ Wuhuo heat until the fish is cooked and then turn off the flame~ After a while, turn the noodles and cook another side~ After boiling, you can go to the table~ The salty people can also scatter before the plate is loaded. More soy sauce~


1 Cook the fish with boiling water first. If you cook it directly with frying, you will suck in too much fat~ It is not good for your body~ 2 and then fry and cook~ The fish that are boiled are both cooked and crispy~ some are also very tasty~

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