Recipe: Pan-fried mushroom pork chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried mushroom pork chop


After reading the combination of other people's fried pork chops and fried mushrooms, is it plagiarized?



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Pork cut thick slices, I cut a thick one centimeter. No need to knock. Control blood

    Pork cut thick slices, I cut a thick one centimeter. No need to knock. Control blood

  2. Marinate with pepper and salt, not too much salt, and the pork is well marinated. When the salt is too much, it is too salty to cover up the smell of the pork itself.

  3. After the pork is massaged, a little oil is dripped. A little care with the steak. Marinate for at least 2 hours

  4. The mushrooms are cleaned and cut in half. The thick-bottomed pan is hot, does not put oil, change the medium fire, put the mushrooms directly, slightly fry, turn over. It's about the same as cooking. After the mushrooms are out of the water, turn them over and put them to the side of the pot, and cut the pork chops directly in the empty space.

  5. The surface of the pork ribs is slightly yellowed, turned over and fried. I didn't look at the frying time of the pork chops. I cut it directly with the middle of the steak knife. I saw that the color in the middle was almost the same, and even the mushroom was loaded with meat.

  6. Dip the tomato sauce to eat. tasty


1, the choice of pork, do not choose the part of the fascia, or children can not eat. 2, pork chops compared to steak, not so much attention, but also easy to lick. And children like it more. 3, do not put the moisture content of the seasoning when pickling. And finally put a small amount of oil. The pork chops thus marinated do not need to be drained during the frying process. Not a pot. Especially good 4, if the child eats, try to fry all cooked.

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