Recipe: Pan-fried mushroom (mouth mushroom)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried mushroom (mouth mushroom)


Sometimes the simpler cooking method, the more amazing it is. This dish, I have been using Agaricus bisporus (also known as mushroom, in short, it is a kind of thing, everyone knows it), because I think the taste of this mushroom is better, and the oyster mushroom can also be done. But the taste may be a bit worse.



  1. Wash the slices of Agaricus bisporus (not too thin, because it will be thinner than when cut)

  2. Put a piece of butter in the pot, melt it and put it into the bisporus mushroom. When the bismuth mushroom is softened and soft, turn off the heat. Sprinkle a little salt and freshly ground black pepper.


If someone particularly likes to eat garlic, you can add some garlic and sauté when you melt the butter, but I think that only salt and black pepper may be more fragrant.

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