Recipe: Pan-fried mackerel

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried mackerel


One hundred percent reflects the umami taste of the blue-and-white fish itself. Really, there are very few fish that are so fresh. Such fresh is only a mackerel and is unique.



  1. a few drops of oil in the hot pot

  2. Fried on both sides

  3. Out of pot

  4. Drop a few drops of sushi soy sauce


It is better to buy mackerel in a specialty store or in a supermarket like the base of Jiuguang. I just saw someone roasting mackerel in the kitchen, but as usual, rice wine; pickled; marinated; pickled, I am crying, why? The good fish has been stepped on. Have you ever eaten sashimi marinated in yellow wine? The same reason, if the fish is fresh enough, why reject the original taste, forget it! This is not a sentence or two. It is a philosophical subject. It is also a matter of cultivating the sensitivity of the tip of the tongue. This is an improvement, such as reading.

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