Recipe: Pan-fried golden carp

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried golden carp


Previously working in Hainan, golden carp was a very common and very cheap marine fish that was rich in protein. Hainan eats fish is relatively light, half of it is steamed or boiled soup, this decoction is considered a heavy taste. But it’s still very simple to do.



  1. The golden carp is killed, scaled and washed. Use a kitchen knife to draw 3 holes on both sides of the fish. Apply salt to the whole body and marinate for 10 minutes.

  2. Put more oil in the pot, heat it, change to medium heat, put the fish down and fry, wait until one side is fried into golden yellow, then turn over the other side until the two sides are golden yellow, just fine.

  3. Put on the plate, sprinkle with green onions, just fine.


The fried fish is very fragrant, no need for other seasonings, and it tastes crispy and tender, like a grilled fish.

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