Recipe: Pan-fried fat fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried fat fish


As a northeastern man who has been eating the 30-year-old head of the Chagan Lake, I always thought that the fat head fish had no better cooking methods than the stew. In recent years, Chagan Lake winter catch has attracted much attention because of its long history and heavy culture, but I have already left my hometown. I can only witness and feel the scene and shock of Chagan Lake winter catching through live TV every year. Fortunately, every year I can receive fat fish from my hometown; unfortunately, I am a person who doesn't cook very much. There are only a handful of cooking fish, and the technology is basically a waste of food. Fortunately, Mr. Chen has been keen on studying cooking, cooking soup, cooking and stewing. I am fortunate that he has a high talent and strict cooking. As the only diners and judges, I have never met Mr. Dishes. Today, dinner, Mr. Chen took out the previously-divided 1.2-meter-long Chagan Lake wild fat head fish from the refrigerator. He said that he would try a new approach and let me wait and see. I will be suspicious and honest, and I don’t have much confidence. Ok, the next thing, you guessed it, Mr. Chen took the fried fish head section. I tasted it, um, amazing! I joked that this dish is a milestone in Mr. Chen’s amateur career. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but for me, this fragrant fried fish has subverted my previous understanding of the cooking style of my home lake fish. My taste bud tells me that it is not inferior to Michelin's fried squid and fried salmon. Mr. Chen told me in amazement, "Don't go to the foreign country again in the future." I said that I want to pass this dish to the kitchen. Mr. Chen is very reluctant. He thinks this is just the home cooking of the people. It will only make you laugh and be generous, and if you don't do it well, you will take the wrong direction. I said that you are too old to worry about, I have no one to pay attention to. Hahahahaha. Closer to home, it is a record for yourself.



  1. 1. Pickling: Freeze and clean the fish, evenly spread salt 1, cooking wine, pepper powder on the fish, covered with a little onion and ginger. Time is free, we have been marinated for two hours.

  2. Cleaning the fish: Rinse the marinated fish. Just rub a few times under the faucet and rinse off the cooking wine, onion, ginger, pepper, etc. on the surface. Then, use kitchen paper to absorb the moisture on the surface of the fish.

  3. Fried fish: Heat the pan and then simmer on low heat. Pour the olive oil into the pan and fry. During the process, do not flip it at will, so as not to break the fish. When the pan is gently shaken, the fried side can be automatically separated from the pan, and the fish is turned to the other side, and the frying process is repeated. Wait for the golden side of the fish, sprinkle with a little salt 2. Turn off the fire and go out. I don't think there is any sauce.


The most important thing is that the fish must be good. This is a random test of the kitchen rookie. There may be many places that are not worth promoting, and will be slowly improved in the future. Personal tastes are different, this is the taste I like.

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