Recipe: Pan fried dragon fish fried mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan fried dragon fish fried mushroom


I didn't expect the first dish to be uploaded. In fact, I don't like this fish, but children and children love it. So, I only have to change the pattern. This is the first time that I am a child. I like it very much, so the purpose of uploading is mainly to save a file, otherwise I will forget how to do it tomorrow. Because I thought about uploading this dish temporarily, I didn’t take a photo before, I tried to describe it as clearly as possible.



  1. The dragon's fish fillet is chopped and the excess water is removed. Because it is frozen, it has more water after thawing. Add a little salt and ginger, minced garlic, starch, eggs, soy sauce, vanilla extract, a little black pepper, the freshly ground black pepper I used, mix well, oh, add some linseed oil. I use cooking materials very casually, and I use them. This is based on the taste of each person.

  2. Put a proper amount of vegetable oil in the pan, put a spoonful of the marinated fish into the pot, flatten it, make a small round cake, don't be too big, the fish is very tender, if it is too big, turning over is not convenient, the fish cake is fried on both sides. Thoroughly spread on the plate.

  3. Put a proper amount of vegetable oil in the pot, put the garlic slices, slide the mushrooms, stir fry, my frying method is not adding water, cover the lid, open a small fire, slowly fry, the mushrooms will generally shed their own water, almost cooked, open Cover, blaze, collect dry water, put salt, give a little soy, then put chopped green onion, put the pot, spread on the previously fried fish cake, this is OK! A very simple dish.

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