Recipe: Pan-fried dragon fish -fit recipe series

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried dragon fish -fit recipe series


The secret of fried dragon fish is that you must treat it like a goddess. Only light makeup, not thick. The hand of trust is also stunned. Whether it is to respect the original taste, or because of the right amount of diet, less oil, less salt, high protein, fat-reducing muscles, the following are the simplest and most optimal way of cooking.



  1. The dragon's fillets are thawed, blotted dry, spread on both sides with salt and freshly ground black pepper, gently massage and marinate for 20 minutes.

  2. Electric baking pan or pan, medium and low fire, pour a small amount of olive oil, into the onion, ginger and silk, then scented to both sides, into the dragon fish fillets.

  3. Longli fish is resistant to frying and stirs. When turning over, use chopsticks and wooden shovel to help. After both sides are fried and whitened, drip a proper amount of fruit wine, which can be covered for a while.

  4. Cut a slice of lemon, cut it in half, and put it on the sides of the fish to taste it.

  5. Turn off the fire, and then spread the amount of black pepper and sprinkle the pan.


Sucking - Never! Hook - Never! Fruit wine can choose the flavor you like. When marinated, the salt is just a little bit smeared, not the size of pickled pickles><

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