Recipe: Pan-fried dragon fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried dragon fish


Longli fish is thornless and unscrupulous. It is easy to handle, with vegetable salad and cold soup, saving a lot of time spent cooking...



  1. Take the thickest part of the Longli fish, divide it into two large pieces after washing, use the kitchen paper to absorb the water, salt and black pepper and marinate for 15 minutes;

  2. Put the marinated fish pieces on the raw powder, shake it slightly and shake off the excess powder; put the egg mixture into the pan, fry the medium and low heat until both sides are light golden, and then sprinkle some black pepper before the pan;

  3. You can mix your favorite vegetables at will, you can also use seafood sauce or sweet chili sauce, like the original taste or even dipping sauce.


When the fish fillet is fried, take some raw powder and egg liquid, it is not easy to stick the pot, and you can lock the water to keep the meat fresh and tender; the pan only needs a little oil to moisten it, it will not feel greasy when eating; this is simple but not It affects the deliciousness and can save all kinds of hard work when cooking, especially for summer.

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