Recipe: Pan-fried codfish - complementary food (baby over 1 year old)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried codfish - complementary food (baby over 1 year old)


This fried squid, because it is for the baby, there is not a lot of spice. The nutritional value of silver carp (net extract): "1. Silver carp has a very high nutritional value, rich in natural vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA and high quality protein. 2. Vitamin A can promote your baby's vision development, vitamin D can Helps calcium absorption and promotes the growth of baby's teeth and bones. 3.DHA can promote the development of intelligence and vision of infants and young children. 4. High quality fish protein is easy to digest and can enhance baby's constitution. 5. Rich in protein, DHA, vitamin A, D. Rich in vitamins A and D, it helps calcium absorption, can help the growth and development of baby bones and teeth, zinc supplementation, calcium supplementation! 6 Silver carp is rich in DHA, he is an important part of pediatric retina, and It is recognized as a puzzle and promotes brain development in children. The silver carp that is made to rice eggs every week is simple and convenient. The squid has less thorns, and the other thorns are softer than the big bones in the middle. Very suitable for small babies to eat. In any case, the fried squid is best to be a small piece and a small piece of feed. The thorn card throat is very painful for children. When I was a child, I was often stuck in my throat. Sometimes I couldn’t go down with a large bowl of vinegar. The way to try, terrible, in my young mind that is what a big shadow left ~~~~~



  1. Wash the squid, use the kitchen paper to absorb the water, peel off the garlic cloves, slice, pour the olive oil into the non-stick pan, add the garlic cloves to fry the scent, and put the squid pieces when the garlic cloves are slightly yellow.

  2. Pinch a small amount of salt by hand and sprinkle it at a height of about 40cm. There is not much salt, or it will be salty. Because the squid is a sea fish, it has a salty taste. Baby can't eat too much salt.

  3. Slowly fry on a small fire, until the squid is slightly yellow, and the squid will be scattered (the photo is a bit scattered), you must have a small fire and have a patience to pour a few drops of lemon on the squid before the pot, the garlic cloves are generally coke If you just fall, you can cut two pieces of lemon and serve them.


Salt must be put less, because the baby can not eat too salt ha ~ ~ not salt can be, the squid itself is a salty fish.

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