Recipe: Pan-fried chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried chicken wings


A dish of super rice, even the onion, ginger and garlic are all ready to go.



  1. Dip a few knives in the chicken wings to facilitate the taste and cooked quickly. Use soy sauce. Old cooking wine. Half a spoonful of salt. (There is already salt in the soy sauce.) Marinate for half an hour. Ginger cut and add a little. You can go to the chopped garlic.

  2. Heat the pot and heat the oil. (The oil should be half of the chicken wings.) The oil is hot. The chicken wings are fried in a small fire until golden. You should constantly turn over to avoid burning.

  3. If there is too much oil in the pot, you can pour a little bit of fried vegetables. Leave a little bit in the pot. You can shovel the pot and shovel it. You don't need to pour it off. You can put it in the heat of the garlic and put it into the garlic. The chicken wings stir fry a few times and add a half spoonful of chicken essence a little salt (can be added or not according to the taste) stir fry a few times into the diced green onion and then stir fry a few green onions to get out of the pot


Dried chili, onion and garlic are very tasty. When you stir fry, you must not be too hot. Otherwise, the dried chili will turn black. If the chicken wings are fried, there is still a lot of oil in the pot. It must be poured out. Otherwise, it will be very greasy. Cut a long strip of salt must be controlled because there is salt when pickling, the taste is light, and when you finally stir fry, don’t add salt. Try it quickly.

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