Recipe: Pan-fried bean patties

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan-fried bean patties


I saw "China on the tip of my tongue" a few days ago. I was inspired by the "Jianzhen Su Duck", wrapped in minced meat and stuffed with meat. The cooked bean skin is firmly on the meat, and it has a tenacity, which not only enriches the taste but also has a bean flavor~



  1. All the materials except the oiled bean skin are chopped and made into meat, which is kept for half an hour.

  2. Take a large piece of oily husk, spread a layer of meat on top, and leave a blank of about 1cm. Take another piece of bean skin of the same size and cover it with the meat. Roll the four sides of the two bean skins together and fix them with a toothpick.

  3. Put a thin layer of oil in the pan, add the bean patties, fry over low heat, and often turn the patties to make them evenly heated. Remember the opposite.

  4. To be cooked, after a little cold, cut into pieces.

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