Recipe: Pan barbecue

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan barbecue


What is your child's favorite food? Our children love to eat kebabs! Not only my children, but the children around me love to eat! In fact, adults also love to eat, but adults can restrain, no child's performance is so obvious. I have two children at home, because I didn’t prepare the food beforehand, I thought of making this fried barbecue, and then eating it with lettuce. I was very popular with the children. The food was not finished yet, the barbecue was eaten up, so that my family Laoxiao I didn’t even see the shadow of this dish, haha. Do you have this dish? You can also say that there is a non-stick pan with a flat bottom. The second is to have a good marinade. If you have these two things, it will be difficult to be unpopular!



  1. Pork belly piece

  2. Cut the meat into pieces, mix well with Cook100 spicy marinade, cut the onion and stir in it. If you don't have Cook100 bacon, you can add cumin, salt, pepper powder, pepper, and pepper to the meat.

  3. Lettuce one, clean

  4. The pan is hot, no oil is needed, the pork belly is spread on top, and the medium heat is fried on both sides, and it is enough to fry the meat.

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