Recipe: Palace sugar lotus seed

Home Cooking Recipe: Palace sugar lotus seed


Do you still remember the sugar lotus seeds that the light king loves in the Hong Kong drama "Palace of Hearts"? I want to eat when I watched the drama, but I didn’t sell it outside! Just the refrigerator has the fresh lotus seeds brought back from hometown for the New Year. I have studied the practice and shared it with you!



  1. 1. Put the lotus seeds into the pot, add boiled water (so dry lotus seeds, soak for one night and cook again). Don't cook too badly and not form!

  2. 2. Drain the cooked lotus seeds into cold water and drain the water.

  3. 3, put the lotus seeds into a large basin, sprinkle a handful of corn starch, shake the large basin hard, so that each lotus seed can evenly adhere to the starch.

  4. 4. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the lotus seeds with a small fire.

  5. 5, add the right amount of water in the pot, then add rock sugar, turn the fire to a small fire, continue to shake the pot, prevent the stick, and thicken the juice

  6. 6. Put the lotus seeds in the juice and quickly stick a thin layer of sugar juice.

  7. 7. Pour in the powdered sugar and wrap it in a layer of powdered sugar to dry.

  8. You can also use tea powder, coconut, cocoa, etc. according to your own taste.


Very good snacks, hurry up!

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