Recipe: Pagoda, flower, arctic shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Pagoda, flower, arctic shrimp



  1. Arctic shrimps are boiled with boiling water, and the shrimps are reserved for head and skin.

  2. Make boiling water in the pot, add a small spoonful of salt in the water, and pour the water into the washed pagoda.

  3. Use a colander to remove the cauliflower from the pot and drain the water.

  4. Put a little olive oil in the pot, heat the oil and then add the ginger to the musk

  5. Put a few pokes of the pagoda

  6. Add salt and sugar to taste

  7. Going into the Arctic shrimp and frying a few times

  8. Finally sprinkle with minced garlic and stir fry evenly to complete the fire.


1. Arctic shrimp has been cooked and processed at the time of purchase. It can be eaten directly. If you are not at ease, you can use a little boiled water. Pay attention to the time is not too long, otherwise it will affect the taste. 2. Cauliflower vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, pagoda cauliflower, etc.) are best cleaned first and then smashed into small pieces, which can better ensure that the nutrients in the cauliflower are not lost during cleaning. 3. Before cooking the cauliflower, use a little boiled water to reduce the frying time and avoid the loss of nutrients. Pay attention to the hot time. Don’t be too long, because it will be fried later. 4. This is a quick-handed cooking, only a small amount of salt sugar is added, which can highlight the umami taste of this dish.

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