Recipe: Oyster sauce silver sprouts fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce silver sprouts fried noodles


Oyster sauce fried noodles is a traditional Cantonese staple food. The oyster sauce is soy sauce made from soybeans, and the oyster sauce is the first soy sauce made after the soybeans are fermented. Use a good oyster sauce to fry the whole egg noodles, then add silver buds and glutinous yellow, fragrant and fragrant out of the pot, men and women do not love.



  1. Boil a pot of water, put the whole egg noodles into the cooked, and use the chopsticks to break up and let out. Let it go in cold water, then drain

  2. Heat 30ml of oil in a wok, put the whole egg noodles, beat it with chopsticks, and fry until the noodles are oiled.

  3. Mung bean sprouts, head to tail; 韭 yellow cut section;

  4. Put a little oil in a pot and pour in whole egg noodles and silver buds. Into the raw pumping, soaked until the color of the noodles is even, then add a few times in the yellow and green onion


1. The surface of 90g dried whole egg noodle cake is about 250g. 2, the key to this delicious noodle is the selection and proportion of soy sauce, soy sauce should be selected with a good head, slightly sweet. In addition, the ratio of soy sauce and soy sauce is 2:1 3. In the face of frying, you should first fry the noodles, which can make the noodles look shiny and increase the aroma of the noodles.

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