Recipe: Oyster sauce pork shiitake mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce pork shiitake mushrooms


This clam is steamed. Compared with the soup, I prefer to eat steamed dumplings, steamed, like to eat with chili sauce and vinegar.



  1. The pork is chopped with a knife and is better than the cooking machine. The mushrooms are chopped, chopped and chopped.

  2. Pork, mushrooms, onions, put a proper amount of salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, mix well in one direction, mix for a while, let the stuffing on the ribs, add a little hawthorn powder ~~ mix well

  3. The suede is best trapezoidal, if not, you can cut it with a knife and form a trapezoid! Prepare a bowl of water and stick it to it.

  4. Steam or boil, then see if you like it~~ steaming, then 10-12 minutes, enough water to put

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