Recipe: Oyster sauce, mushroom, crab stick

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce, mushroom, crab stick


Once I went to the supermarket, I wanted to eat hot pot and I bought it when I saw the crab stick. When I came home, I found that even if I had a hot pot, I couldn’t just buy a crabmeat. I thought about it after a few months. How to burn it is a problem. Finally, I chose the oyster mushroom mushroom stick, the taste is a lever!



  1. 1. Let the outer plastic paper of the crab meat stick die, and tear the crab meat stick into strips according to the grain (slack can also cut the crab stick into two halves), and the tears are more delicious. The enoki mushroom is washed and dried for use.

  2. 2. Choose the Flammulina velutipes, choose the yellow one, and it will have a crunchy taste after burning. The enoki mushroom is cut into sections and washed for later use.

  3. 3. Pour a little corn oil. After the oil is slightly hot, stir the ginger and green onion and shallots. After the scent is bursting, the enoki mushroom is put into the pot, put in oyster sauce, fresh soy sauce, cooking wine, stir fry for a while, then Add the crabmeat stir fry, add a little water (do not cover the lid, because the crab stick is cooked, the lid will burn, the mushroom will not be crisp), wait until the soup is ready to dry.

  4. 4. Smelly, sprinkle with a small leeks and you're done.

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