Recipe: Oyster sauce lettuce

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce lettuce



  1. Lettuce remove the old leaves, pick them into pieces and soak them in water, wash them, divide them into two or three sections by hand, drain the water.

  2. Garlic shot loose, shelled, cut

  3. Heat the oil in the pot, stir the garlic, stir fry the lettuce, stir until the lettuce is slightly soft, add two tablespoons of oyster sauce immediately, stir well and turn off the heat, and finish.


1. Lettuce is easy to cook. It should not be fried for a long time, so the oil should be slightly more, and it should be fired quickly. 2, because this dish does not add any other spices, so the oyster sauce should be put a little more. The lettuce is full of oyster sauce and the taste is quite delicious. 3, 蚝, is the oyster, has the reputation of "undersea milk", protein, calcium and iodine content are high, very nutritious. The oyster sauce is made from fresh oysters and is rich in nutrients and delicious in flavor. 4, I like to fry green leafy vegetables with oyster sauce, the scent of oyster sauce and the scent of vegetables add to each other, very delicious. 3. When you eat, you can dipped the lettuce in the juice of the oyster sauce. The lettuce is crispy with the scent of oyster sauce and is very appetizing.

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