Recipe: Oyster sauce, garlic, wheat and vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce, garlic, wheat and vegetables


Olive dishes are the vegetables that I just fell in love with this year, and then they appear very frequently on my daily table. Vegetables are simply the lubricants of the human body. When eating meat, eat the vegetables with the ingredients~! Add some fish!"



  1. The olives bought by the supermarket cut off the roots, washed them, and cut them into three or four sections.

  2. Put hot oil in the pot, stir in the olives for about two minutes, add oyster sauce and soy sauce in the middle.

  3. Finally, add the minced garlic when you are out of the pan, then add a little salt to taste.

  4. I usually add salt to the fried vegetables, because the salted vegetables will be very powerful in the middle of the process. It is not good to copy the water. And the final salty taste will be better, suitable for all dishes.

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