Recipe: Oyster sauce fried instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce fried instant noodles


If you want to balance your nutrition, you can use vegetables to stir-fry instant noodles, face strength, and taste enough. Eating is still very enjoyable. And this time the side dish is also very well prepared, the ingredients are very simple, so the time will be very provincial.



  1. Instant noodles boiled until ripening, leaching out the water, then using cold water

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, add the onion silk blasting pot, then add the stir fry, add the right amount of salt.

  3. After frying the dish, add a large spoonful of oyster sauce, stir well, then add instant noodles and stir.

  4. Finally, add the right amount of balsamic vinegar, you can go out.

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