Recipe: Oyster sauce, chicken sauce, squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce, chicken sauce, squid


This squid cockroach is very successful for the first time, it is the taste I want. It is the hotel, and the taste of the mother-in-law. And recently fell in love with oyster sauce chicken, what to do. Stir-fried sea cucumber seeds, braised chicken. . . The taste is not covered. This is a very good sauce that can be cooked into the kitchen.



  1. The squid killed by the broken belly is boiled with boiling water, and the mushrooms are soaked, ginger shredded.

  2. Cut the squid into a centimeter thick piece, add a little salted MSG, and have a good powder.

  3. The oil pan is hot and added to the squid block and fried slightly. It takes about 2 minutes.

  4. Another oil pan, the ginger and garlic will be scented

  5. Pour the mushrooms into the scent

  6. Pour the squid into the drained oil

  7. Pour some cooking wine, soy sauce, then pour 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce chicken sauce, stir well

  8. Pour a small bowl of water along the side of the pot. See roll, then pour the lid on the casserole for 3 minutes.


1. The body of the squid is relatively slippery and difficult to handle. Step one can ask the hawker who sells the fish to do it. 2, the squid must not be cut too thin, otherwise the meat is easy to disperse. 3, in the oil pan does not need to fry for too long, the fire is only to shrink the surface of the squid, and lock the moisture in the meat, do not overfire. 4, if there is no oyster sauce chicken juice, you can change into oyster sauce, use some materials to reduce some, be sure to add a little sugar when starting the pot, fresh

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