Recipe: Oyster sauce broccoli fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce broccoli fungus



  1. A handful of fungus, soak for four hours. Because I have been eating fungus for a long time, I have summarized the experience of a set of fungus. That is the cool blisters. After soaking, grab the dust in the gap with your hand and then change the water several times. No need for hot water, the gelatin of the fungus will be thicker and the taste will be softer.

  2. One broccoli, one carrot, several garlic cloves

  3. Broccoli into a small flower, cleaned

  4. Slice carrots, chopped garlic, take a little starch, add cold water and mix well in a small bowl.

  5. Boil the pot, pour the broccoli into it for two minutes, remove it, and immerse it in cold water.

  6. Add the oil in the pan, saute the minced garlic, then pour the broccoli and carrots into the stir fry

  7. Lower fungus, continue to stir fry, stir fry until the fungus creaks, the oyster sauce is very sticky, you can stand up for two minutes before use, so it will be easy to pour out when used

  8. Add a little salt to the dish, then add some water starch to the hook, this dish is fried.

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