Recipe: Oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce


I used to fry garlic and garlic, and I’m eating a light today.



  1. Wash the oil and wheat vegetables and control the water. Add water to the pot and boil. The amount of water depends on the amount of the vegetables. If there are more water and less vegetables, it will be hot twice.

  2. When the water is opened, the ingredients can be prepared. The garlic cloves are cut into 2~3 pieces, and the oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, and water starch are placed in a bowl and stirred with water. The minced garlic is half-discharged in a bowl.

  3. After the water is opened, add the appropriate amount of salt, a few drops of oil, and add the best olive oil to preserve the color of the dish. The oily vegetables are boiled for about 10 seconds to remove the water. Remember that the dish can't be burned for too long, turn it back and forth a few times to avoid uneven heat.

  4. Heat the wok and put a little base oil. After the oil is hot, the other half of the garlic is scented. Pour the ingredients into the sauce. The color change can be drenched on the oily wheat. You can add the chicken essence and mix well.


Soy sauce, chicken essence can be used

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