Recipe: Oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce


I am losing weight recently, and then I am lazy, so I came up with this simple and easy-to-eat scallions, a small fresh dish, and even my sister who doesn’t like to eat.



  1. Wash the kale, cut into two segments, and divide into two parts, stem and leaf. However, we only use stems. As for the leaves, we can cook or kale fried rice =3=.

  2. Put water, kale and salt in the pot and wait until a few minutes before the water boils.

  3. Clip the kale, set the plate, pour the oyster sauce to eat.


1. If you don't like too much of the kale, you can cook it in the pot for a long time. 2. Salt is given because it can give the kale a little taste and keep its color.

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