Recipe: Oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce


Nima! ! ! It’s delicious to be crazy! ! ! ! ! This dish was already amazed when it was first cooked, and there was no miss every time it was cooked. Aso was wild! There is a small episode when cooking, and the oil is put more, and the taste will change. But I don't know if it is related to the newly bought rice wine. It tastes so good~ It’s delicious... I even want to eat my fingers and dishes. I’m good at it. Tonight’s sitting on the table is especially urgent and tense, just to eat shrimp shells == After eating the Tom Yum Kung shrimp in the evening, I had a good sleep. The shrimps were kidney-sucking, so I made another meal today. On the first day, I feel tired and have to cook. For the time being, if you want to cook a big meal, this dish is absolutely time-saving, labor-saving and delicious.



  1. Raw shrimp cut off the head, leaving a little left

  2. Taste the juice, keep trying to taste: soy sauce + sugar

  3. Put more oil into the hot pot and pour the shrimp. After the pot is turned down, the ignition is small, otherwise the coke

  4. Stir fry for a while

  5. Slightly fry, simmer, simmer, juice, stir fry

  6. Sprinkle two lids on the side of the pot (that is to be so good)

  7. When the whole shrimp is twisted, adjust the fire and enter the onion

  8. Sprinkle the wine on the side of the pot, stir fry, on the saucer

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