Recipe: Oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster sauce



  1. Chicken legs are not too big, otherwise it is not easy to taste

  2. With soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt, marinate for about half an hour

  3. Prepare other ingredients, onion shredded, green pepper slices

  4. Hot oil pan, stir-fry the chicken leg until it is basically broken, then the lower half of the onion, stir until the onion becomes soft, so the sweetness of the onion will come out.

  5. Then put the oil and stir fry, add some water, and cook it a little.

  6. It’s ok to thicken the soup. The salt is basically not used. At first, the chicken pieces are marinated, and the oyster sauce is salty.

  7. At this time, heat a casserole, put a little oil, put the remaining onion in a pan, stir fry, and pour the fried chicken into the casserole.

  8. Then put the green and red pepper into the pot, turn it a little, you can cover it, turn off the fire and eat it.

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