Recipe: Oyster pig hand

Home Cooking Recipe: Oyster pig hand



  1. Cut the pig's hand and clean it quickly.

  2. Heat the pot and heat it, add the onion, the pig's hand, stir the pig's hand to the oil, then add the soy sauce.

  3. Then spread the oysters over the pig's hands, cover the lid, and simmer on the oysters.

  4. Put white bean curd, oyster sauce, white sugar into the juice and pour it on top, stir fry and change to low heat for 1 hour.


The pig hand is rich in collagen, which can prevent dry skin wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity and toughness, and has a special significance for delaying aging and promoting children's growth and development. To this end, people call the trotters "beauty food" and "a delicious dish similar to the bear's paw." The effect of oysters, the effect of soothing the nerves, the treatment of restlessness, convulsions, insomnia and other dreams

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